3 Ways Female Mountain Climbing Books Can Empower Young Girls

Posted on: 1 August 2023

Real-life mountain climbing stories offer a lot of adventure, excitement, and insight into the psychology of the climb. Young girls can find a lot of inspiration through reading about female mountain climbers like the first British female to summit K2. Not only can young girls enjoy the stories, but you can use them to empower a girl in many ways.

Learn how to use educational books for female empowerment and really enhance the way they read.

1. Achieving Goals

When climbers set their sights on huge summits like a K2 mountain, they will have some major goals to pass along the way. As young girls read through the story, they will learn the satisfaction and joy that comes through achieving goals. They will learn the hard work and dedication it takes to reach those goals.

Even if it's not through mountain climbing, young girls can use real-life stories to find inspiration and set their own goals. The first-person story can help teach girls how to overcome obstacles and truly reach goals. Finding inspiration from other females can make a big difference and help them realize that they can achieve anything.

2. Breaking Gender Norms

A female mountain climber may go through obstacles based on their gender alone. In a world where so many elements fall into male gender norms, a true-life story can showcase how females rise above those gender norms and allow females to set their sights on anything they find interest in.

A book can inspire a young girl to reach for goals no matter what and ignore some of the psychological issues that may occur due to gender norms or activities that are not deemed as "normal" for females. The books can offer a lot of inspiration and help young girls really build confidence in whatever they chose to do.

3. Mother & Daughter Bonding

A book on the first British female to summit K2 mountain may provide a great for mothers and daughters to bond together. A mother has the opportunity to read the book to a child, discuss passages, and go through the journey together. The mother and daughter can bond together, talk about history subjects, and then branch off into other books.

The educational books could even lead to real-life activities like hiking or climbing at local trails.

Find a book on female mountain climbers and see how they can help empower your daughter in a wide range of ways.