4 Signs You May Have An Anxiety Concern

Posted on: 10 November 2018

Anxiety is a condition that affects a great deal of people. However, even more alarming is that some people who deal with anxiety don't even know it. They know that something is going on, but they have no idea how to put a name to what they are experiencing. While anxiety may surface in a variety of ways, there are some tell-tale signs that often go missed. Learn about some of them here.

1. Everything Triggers Worry

If everything around you triggers worry, you might deal with anxiety. For example, when you order food at a restaurant, continually worrying about whether the food will be prepared correctly when it's brought out to the table is concerning because you're worried about a minor issue and, more importantly, one that you can't control.

2. Fear Is Sometimes Irrational

A person with anxiety may have irrational fears. For example, instead of being concerned by known-triggers, such as an animal, someone with anxiety may be fearful of something like a crack in the concrete on a sidewalk. Irrational fears can make it hard to function throughout the day, and even make it hard to remain engaged with others socially. 

3. You Over-Analyze Everything You Do

When you have anxiety, you don't really do anything simply because you feel like it. you over-analyze everything you do. For example, when you pick your clothes for the day, you think about your walk to work. Will there be any puddles of water along the way? Will it be hot in the office, causing sweat, and possibly leaving stains from sweating? Will someone in the office have on a similar shirt? People with anxiety often over-analyze even the simplest of tasks. 

4. Everything Must be Perfect, Always

There is nothing wrong with structure, but people with anxiety often require perfection with everything they do, which is impossible. For example, if you can't walk out the door for work until all the pillows on your couch are perfectly positioned, this type of action may be cause for concern. While there is nothing wrong with keeping an organized space, when your quest to keep things perfect affects other areas of your life, then the behavior does become concerning. 

Anxiety is something you can control, but it will take some effort. Whether it's reading a book to learn more about the issue or talking to someone who has experience with anxiety, you simply have to make the first step. For more information, contact someone such as Mary Smale today.