Are You Homeschooling Your Children?

Posted on: 28 August 2018

Are you homeschooling your children? Even before your children were born, did you already know that someday you would teach them in your home? Perhaps your children went to school and you simply weren't satisfied with the education they were receiving. Whatever reason that you have decided to teach your children yourself, from purchasing classroom management materials to creating your own curriculum, here are some ideas that might help.

Classroom Management - Were you previously a teacher at a traditional school, maybe a public school or a private school? If so, you probably learned at teacher training meetings that you would better manage your time and the student's time by using a classroom management planner. If you have not taught previously, consider buying a classroom management textbook. While it's true that, as a homeschool teacher, you have the luxury of planning your children's entire day, you will probably get some great ideas from studying a classroom management textbook. The textbook will more than likely be written by professionals who have spent time as instructors in schools. Think about purchasing a classroom management textbook that is designed especially for homeschoolers. The textbook will have ideas on how you can divide your day so that you can use part of it for classroom instruction and you can also arrange for your children's personal study time. You might not have real discipline problems, but you might be challenged by having kids in different grades. The classroom management textbook will more than likely have excellent ideas to help you with that. 

Create Your Own Curriculum - Have you ever considered that the world itself is your primary source for teaching your children? For example, consider having a nighttime class where you search the stars in the heavens and then study about them the next day. Think of going to world market stores to learn about items that are produced in different countries. For instance, in the world market store you might discover that there are many wooden items from Africa. You might also find beautifully crafted pottery from Mexico. When you return home, think of getting your children to research Africa and Mexico to learn about the natural resources that are found in those countries and to learn about their cultures. Consider asking friends of yours who are from other countries to teach your children about life in the country where they lived before moving to the United States.