4 Reasons To Share Stories About Bullying With Your Child

Posted on: 26 April 2016

Bullying has become a huge problem for youngsters. In fact, about 22 percent of students saying that they have been bullied during the school year. In addition, about 64 percent of bullied kids did not report it.

It is important for parents to communicate the seriousness of bullying to their children along with proper measures that can be taken to stop it. Here are a few ways that stories about bullying can help: 

Stories about bullying can help your child learn to empathize with others who are bullied.

Some children may not report the bullying of others because they don't have a personal interest. However, by teaching your child to empathize with others, it can help him or her understand the urgency that should be observed when it comes to reporting bullying.

Bullying can quickly escalate to the point that irreparable damage is done. In fact, some children are killed during a bullying incident. Since the bad behavior may not end on its own and the victim may not be able to defend him or herself, it is important that bullying is quickly reported to an authority, such as a parent or teacher.

Stories about bullying can help your child understand that he or she has somewhere to turn if the child is ever bullied.

Some children do not advise that they are being bullied because they feel as though there is nowhere to turn. By sharing stories with your child about bullying, it can help ensure that your child is comfortable reporting any instances in which he or she is bullied or made to feel unsafe to you or another adult as soon as possible.

Stories about bullying can help your child identify bullying and report it.

Sometimes, a child does not even realize what constitutes bullying. Ugly comments or distasteful pictures that are posted online may not seem to be a big deal. However, they can often lead to even more serious acts, such as beatings. Ninety percent of teenagers who have been bullied online have also been bullied offline. In addition, the shame experienced by a bullied child can increase the child's likelihood of committing suicide.  

By learning to identify bullying, your child will be better able to report it.

Stories about bullying can help prevent your child from becoming a bully.

Sharing stories about bullying that include information highlighting the negative consequences of  the bad can help discourage your child from becoming a bully.

To find appropriate stories on bullying, contact an educational supply vendor (such as The Bully Corporation) in your area.