4 Ways To Help Your Child Thrive With Preschool Programs

Posted on: 16 December 2015

It was only a few decades ago that preschool was a really rare choice for toddlers. Most kids started school with kindergarten, and earlier education wasn't seen as necessary outside the home. Now preschool is the norm, and preschool programs can get your child off to a strong start and inspire a lifelong love of learning. To help your child get the most out of the preschool experience, try these fun things to help your child thrive in preschool.

Provide Educational Toys to Supplement the Lessons Learned

Sometimes having a toy in hand that goes with the lesson being taught can enhance a child's understanding of the topic. For example, if your child is learning about dinosaurs, you may want to buy a building block set that enables your little one to build their own dinosaur. If your child is learning about math, you may want to buy a counting game that you can play together.

Play the Question Game

In addition to the curriculum that's in place, preschool also teaches kids about making decisions for themselves. Your child may start to think a lot more independently while in preschool. Be sure to encourage eager imaginations by playing the question game. Simply take turns asking each other questions. Set a time limit for answers. Your child will learn from the questions you ask, so think about them first, and be prepared for some tough questions that you might not be able to fully answer. 

Organize Play Dates with Two or More Friends

Encourage your child to enjoy group activities by having play-dates with two or more children. Kids will have to deal with their peers who come from all walks of life during the day in preschool. Supervising how your child interacts with others in a group setting can help you spot potential behavioral problems, so that you can deal with them before they become issues at preschool.

Talk About Preschool in a Positive Way                                                                                            

Very young children look at the expressions of their parents and how they react to determine how they should feel about things. When you treat preschool like a really exciting opportunity and an adventure that your child should look forward to, you may be happily surprised at how eager your little one is to go. Also involve older siblings in this, too. They'll love the chance to help out with this "adult" task and will happily encourage their younger sibling.

Finally, as your child adjusts and adapts to preschool (like Family Ties Child Center), you may want to increase the amount of supplemental activities that you do to help enhance the lessons that are learned in preschool. It's a good idea to test things out and see what works best for your child. With a strong preschool program as well as your love and support, the sky's the limit for your kid.