How To Get Your Son Excited About Reading Books

Posted on: 25 April 2019

Though every subject we learn in school serves a purpose, it is important that you impart literacy skills to your kids. Children have different learning styles, so it is always important that you do whatever is necessary to help your child fall in love with reading. If you have a young boy, there are several titles you can look into that will help him fall in love with reading.

Consider these tips so that you can get your child so enthusiastic about reading that their comprehension becomes more advanced than their grade level.  

Start the habit of reading at home and stick to it as early and often as possible

No matter what, the habit and love of reading begins in the household. If your children not only are encouraged to read while at home but also see you reading frequently, they will recognize exactly how important it is and respond accordingly.

Rather than simply sticking a tablet or other mobile device in front of your child's face to keep them occupied, be sure that you are also giving them lots of time for reading. Studies indicate that literacy and quality of life often go hand in hand. Right now, more than 60% of kids that live in poverty also don't have books at home. This perpetuates a cycle because they will then score lower and perform worse in school, which diminishes their career opportunities. By stressing reading at home and putting your child in front of as many books as possible, you help them not only develop a healthy self-image but also impeccable reading comprehension skills that will allow them to become lifelong learners.

Figure out what your child likes and introduce him to those books

For years, studies have shown that a lot of boys are falling behind in school. They are scoring lower than girls and are quickly becoming separated from the achievement track due to behavioral issues as well. 

Little boys have a lot of energy and rambunctiousness when they develop, so you need to give them positive ways to channel this energy. Think about what your child likes and help them dive into it with some great reads. If they love fantasy, magic, and dragons, there are lots of selections they can find. Regardless of the genre or topic, you shouldn't have any issue finding adventure books for boys. Once you find some authors whose work your son resonates with, start buying them the whole collection. 

If you start with these points it'll be easier to help your child enjoy reading.